Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Nothing can beat the thrill and adrenaline that comes from taking your motorcycle for a good spin. Unfortunately, however, your pleasure cruise can be fraught with unknown dangers. More cyclists die in collisions than in cars every year since motorcycles have become popular. In recent years the number of these accidents has reached an alarming number. So before getting on your hog, be sure to take these common reasons for accident and tips to avoid them into account. Also, always be sure to wear a helmet!

1. Correction
The most common motorcyclist accident is over-correcting or failing to straighten your wheels on a turn. The best way to prevent this is to calmly take your turn. Many new motorcyclists will instinctively swerve out of the way, and this can lead to toppling over on the inherently unstable two-wheeled vehicle.

2. Tailgating
A motorcycle needs a greater distance to break and stop effectively than most automobiles. Give yourself more distance in traffic to allow your brakes to fully close. If you are unable to stop, try driving slightly off of the road and going around the obstacle.

3. Invisibility
Riders can easily slip into an automobile’s blind spot; can be missed in oncoming traffic due to their small size. Drive more towards the middle of the curb and give extra clearance to drivers. Avoid hugging the curb, as this can make it harder for passing cars to see you. Always be sure to keep your bike well lit, with reflectors, working headlights, tail lights. Seventy percent of accidents can be avoided by making yourself easy to see, especially at night.

4. Under The Influence
Balance and coordination are essential to all forms of driving, but they are all the more important when on a motorcycle. If you cannot resist the urge to ride while drunk, you should not own a motorcycle.

5. Bad Road Conditions
Uneven road conditions, such as potholes or bumps can be more detrimental to cyclists. General high speed can play a large factor into this as well. Speed can displace the balance of the front tire, thus causing it to wobble. This causes the motorcycle to collide with nearby moving and stationary objects. Slick road conditions also play a large factor into this, as well as undivided roadways. Weather can also play into this, but comparatively its bearing is small.

6. Driving Habits
Speeding, aggressive driving, and inattention are still the number one cause of accidents. Not being aware of your surrounding and do not forget to signal. Improper braking, acceleration, or turning can also lead to accidents.

7. Improper Training
Many more accidents can be avoided with appropriate training. The ability to stabilize, hug turns effectively, and balance your bike is learned much faster with proper training and licensing. More than ninety-percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by riders with little or no formal training.

8. Animals
While comparatively low on the scale, animal accidents can be the most dangerous for motorcyclists. Often a bike cannot stop quickly enough to avoid them, and the small size of the bike can be detrimental.

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